$1million for anyone that can solve this riddle

September 14, 2017

Researchers at the University of St Andrews are challenging people to claim $1m (£770,000) by finding the solution to a “simple” chess puzzle using a computer programme.

Computer programmers would be able to pocket the cash, which is offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute in America, if they found an efficient solution to the famous eight queens puzzle.

The puzzle requires a player to place eight chess queens on an 8×8 chessboard so that no two queens are threatening each other.

For an 8×8 chessboard, the solution requires that the queens don’t share the same row, column, or diagonal – the directions in which chess queens can move.

Originally devised in 1850, the 8×8 puzzle has been solved by humans – but once the size of the chess board increases enough, computer programmes have found it impossible to solve.

A paper published in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research concludes that the team led by Professor Ian Gent at the University of St Andrews noted a solution would provide enormous benefits to the world.

Professsor Gent said: “If you could write a computer programme that could solve the problem really fast, you could adapt it to solve many of the most important problems that affect us all daily.

“This includes trivial challenges like working out the largest group of your Facebook friends who don’t know each other, or very important ones like cracking the codes that keep all our online transactions safe.”

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i solved it!!!


I will not even get near getting that much money.


did you know that the human brain is more complex then any super computer. i am only 9 3/4. he he he he


that is a lot of money


Guys you’re supposed make a code that can solve the riddle! It’s easy to do it in real life, but you need to make a code that can solve the riddle!


Hey guys, you may have solved the riddle, but the actual challenge is to generate a piece of code to solve the riddle. This code should be so advanced that it is able to rob banks. I doubt a kid can code something like that, right? Yep, it’s impossible.


Um actually this is a challenge to make a code that can solve the problem not to solve the problem by hand.


Everyone is saying they did it... but you guys need to read the whole artical. It says that in order to get the prize, you need to create a computer program that can solve the puzzle really fast. So until you can create a computer program to do that, no $1 million dollars for you guys. 😉


I did it. It was soooooooooo easy


Sorry just kidding But I really want to solve this it’s amazing 😂


i solved it!!!


I don't get this


This is weird what riddle?


It's not that hard to do


I can solve this riddle


i am a kid coder


I solved it


Absolutely no Idea, help🤔🤔🤔😢😎


That proves that humans are smarter than computers


i solved it,it isn't that hard




i've done it ! i can prove it i have a picture !!!


Its easier said than done.


Pretty awesome


I might know how

I'm the best in the world

This cannot be true