World’s loudest burp?

February 28, 2016

The sport of loud burping has had a week of records.

An Australian and an Englishman are literally ‘burping it out’ as the two of them challenge for the world’s largest burp.

Australia based Neville Sharp got things started with a 110.6 decibel belch he posted on YouTube.

However, Englishman Mr Hunnre fired back with a 117.9 decibel burp just one day later.

Neither record has been verified by Guinness World Records, which still lists Mr Hunn’s previous champion burp of 109.9 as the world’s loudest.

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The loudest burp was disturbing at first,then a few seconds passed and it just seemed funny.


amazing but gross


that is the most awesome yet grossest thing ever


ew gross but that's pretty cool haha


that's so cool, but a bit gross


wow so desgusting


wow thats so disgusting


That is pretty weird but ARSOME.

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