Shark finning banned in New Zealand

November 10, 2013

The cruel practice of shark finning will be banned in New Zealand waters under a government rule.

Jump over to this article on Kiwi Kids Vids to see what is involved with shark finning. 

Conservation Minister Nick Smith made the announcement on a Wellington beach over the weekend.

Dr Smith said sharks might not be as cuddly as kiwi or as cute as dolphins but they were an important part of the country’s marine diversity.

There are 113 species of sharks within New Zealand.

The Government proposal would take effect over the next two years.

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mean cutting there fins and leaving them to drown cause they cant swim
sad sad people


they fin sharks and dump the rest of it back into the sea that so crawl :'(


I like sharks 🙁 🙁 🙁


What did sharks ever do to you?
Sharks only attack because they think we are seals


Come on people they have know harm they only think your seals;(:)


What have sharks ever done to you:(


Shark can help save the water. So don't kill sharks what have they done to you. 🙁


they didn't hurt you and that's wrong


don't kill great white sharks because it very cruel

SO DONT KILL SARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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