Plane lands on a stool

June 29, 2014

The US army has released an amazing video of a pilot landing his jet plane onto a stool.

The landing occurred on the 7 June and to make it even more amazing it was done on an aircraft carrier.

The pilot realised he had a problem early on in his flight and had to land the plane straight downwards, bringing the nose of the aircraft to rest on a special stool.

The crew of the ship had evacuated the landing deck in case the pilot didn’t manage to land the plane safely.

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Wouldn't the stool just break under the weight of the jet?How did it survive? That is so silly and cool


I wonder how the passengers wold have felt.


That's so cool!


wow that is amazing how could the pilot do that?!




LOL who wouldn't dream of doing that!


Woah that's hard to believe :/

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