Owning just 1 pet goldfish illegal in Switzerland

August 5, 2016

How many of you own a fish tank? Hopefully you have more than one fish in it because …..

In Switzerland, it has been illegal to own one solitary goldfish since 2008, when the country introduced a whole host of animal rights’ legislation.

Why? Because fish are actually ‘social’ creatures. In the sea they swim in shoals, so it makes perfect sense that they would need companions.

The Swiss government believes it is cruel to force them to live in isolation – but it doesn’t just apply to fish.

The country has other bizarre rules regarding pet ownership:

If you want just the one cat, you must let it outside so it can see other cats. If it’s going to be kept indoors, then you’ve got to get two.

You can’t have just one parrot in Switzerland. You have get him a friend to talk to!

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Awww, That's pretty sweet. Good on Switzerland! I completely agree. How would you like it if you were left all by yourself in solitary confinement?


I don't care if I am a lone fish on this one but... That's a pretty good idea. I think all fishies need friends!


It's nice that they're thinking about how the animals feel not the human😊😊😊


I like fish I wish that they added fish on minecraft then minecraft would be very fishy


This is super fishy


I have one gold fish but I'm in nz so I'm fine


I think it is great that in Switzerland pets must socialize. Wouldn't you be so sad and lonely if your were a goldfish and you didn't have any family or friends


thats is fine to me i love pets




In my opinion I think that it's a bit crazy, but I guess it's nice. My friend would really approve of this action of kindness.


Really??? At least that law isn't in NZ... 🙂

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