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September 1, 2016

Technological advancements make a huge impact on our lives but the recent use found for drones will blow other advancements out of the water.

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can be remotely controlled. You may have seen versions with camera’s on them to take aerial shots or video.

New Zealand was picked especially to launch the first commercial drone delivery service in the world. This means that we were the first country to have takeaways delivered by a drone to a location.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (Domino’s) have joined forces with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) industry leader Flirtey to launch the first commercial drone delivery service in the world and it went off without a hitch.

We were chosen because our forward-thinking aviation regulations encourage innovation, while protecting safety. New aviation rules came into force on 1 August 2015 to regulate and enable the use of UAVs for recreational and commercial purposes in New Zealand.

The announcement of this trial confirms that New Zealand’s framework for drones is world-class. In addition, the Government has reviewed the laws for driverless vehicles and Small Passenger Service operators, to ensure New Zealand stays at the forefront of transport innovation.

The trial is also a valuable opportunity for the Civil Aviation Authority, who are making sure that appropriate safety precautions are taken.

The Government is also continuing to work with Domino’s on the possibility of testing a driverless pizza delivery unit on land.

Subject to obtaining the appropriate approvals, the UAV delivery trial is expected to get underway later this year.

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