Meet the world’s cutest sheep

August 22, 2016

The Valais blacknose sheep has been labelled the cutest sheep in the world.

They have been bred in Switzerland for the past 300 years, but most farmers were not aware of the breed until recently. The Valais blacknose is one of the world’s rarest breeds of sheep.

Due to the sheep’s distinctive look, there has been a rise in its popularity, and there are now about 400 sheep in the UK.

Jamie Wood, from Northumberland, has about 60 blacknoses on his farm.

He said “No-one outside of Switzerland knew these sheep even existed until two years ago because they spend the winter months inside and the summer living above glaciers in the Swiss mountains.
“A picture of one was put on Facebook which was shared millions of times, I saw it and thought what on earth is that? I just had to get one.”

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Ohhhh! That sheep is soooo cute! No wonder it's called the cutest sheep in the world!


Aaaawwwwwwwww!! is so cute I could snuggle it all day


i want one
how much are they?
no wonder why they are called the cute


that is so cute and lookes so fluffy


that is adorable!


this sheep is so a doraball can i have one


It's so cute I just want to hug it


Hi that is a tiny sheep and it is very cute.


That is so cute


That is so cute and it looks fun to play with. That is awesome

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