Man eaten alive by anaconda

November 13, 2014

Naturist and author Paul Rosolie has been eaten alive by a giant anaconda snake.

The stunt was part of a TV show run by Discovery Channel which will be shown on TV in early December.

Rosolie was wearing a special crush-proof suit to keep both himself and the snake safe.

His suit was made of carbon fiber outfit was built to withstand 90psi, the highest measured force of an anaconda constriction, and the equivalent of having a large school bus on one’s chest.

At this stage Discovery Channel won’t  reveal to what extent, if any, Rosolie was actually consumed by the snake. However, they did say the snake survived the encounter.

The stunt has drawn protests by animal rights activists, who say its a cruel stunt to pull on a snake (specifically the Giant Green Anaconda).

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the snake must be a bit annoyed,i mean come on people what if u were trying to slither around and then this big fat guy comes and kidnapps u!!


How does he get out of their?


wow a snake that big could kill a croc or even a bufalo but that's sad.


Don't do that
It it is creepy


creepy as and super sad


creepy as !!!!!


i think they shouldnt have done that it was very stupid


Cool, scary, sad

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