Lost Orca calf in harbour

August 2, 2016

An orca calf has been separated from its family in Tauranga Harbour. It has been swimming alone around the habour for around two weeks.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has said the calf must be reunited with a pod for it to survive in the wild.

It’s a life or death situation for the young whale.

A group has been formed to help the orca, with representatives from DOC, local iwi and the Orca Research Trust.

They have been monitoring the whale’s movements since 19 July and while it was swimming freely, they were becoming increasingly concerned about its wellbeing.

Orcas are completely reliant on their pods for food during their young years so cannot survive independently.

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Awww.... How sad! I love animals!


My mum grew up in a bay and saw Orca pods every year! I love Orcas!


this was quite sad news


That sad I love animals


I love killer whale


I love animals more than any 1 get it 1 hahahahaha


I hope they find a pod for the calf so It does't die.


Awww that's sad I hope it find it's family!


Really interesting wonder if he got home safely:)


that is said news that a baby Orca has lost their parents

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