Lets change the summer holidays

February 15, 2017

Let me guess – you have arrived back to school for 2017 and by 1pm each day your classroom is hot, sticky and unworkable. The heat, the humidity make it hard to concentrate in class.

It’s been a wet and windy summer holiday this year and I think it is time we changed the dates for summer holidays.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne agrees with me and has come up with a plan to fix that.

Dunne has launched a national online petition calling for New Zealanders to say whether they would like to see the holiday times lined up with sunnier and warmer weather.

The reality is that our weather patterns are changing. December is now windier and less settled then in the past while February, March and April seem to have more consistent, warmer weather.

The solution is easy. New Zealand, and our schools, should just have a short holiday for Christmas and New Year. Schools would break up on the 24th December and return on the 3rd January. We would then go back to school and work through to the 5th February. Our summer holidays would then start with Waitangi Day.

Dunne has announced that if there was enough support he would put a proposal to the Government.

So what do you think. Cast your vote below.

1. Make a For and Against table. On one side list the reasons FOR moving the holidays then make a list of the reasons AGAINST on the other side of the table.

2. Create a new calendar for New Zealand schools. Show when the holidays will be held and where the 4 ten week terms would fit in.

3. Who is Peter Dunne? CLICK HERE to find out a little about this man. Record five interesting facts about him.

4. Write a Letter to the Editor agreeing or disagreeing with this opinion article.

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My name is Shem Banbury. I am the owner and Chief Editor of Kiwi Kids News. By day I am a school teacher and by night a wannabe triathlete.

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I just think we should make the holidays longer.

Charlotte Buchanan

well I like the idea about moving the holidays, but what I think is that we could end school on the 23 on Dec and not go back in Feb at all (its a waits of days that wont get used for anything) they could be used as teacher only days or something. and then we go back to school at the end of our summer break.


If you all do it you will get Bendy and the Ink Machine for free




Do it pleaae


Change it please


It will be very awesome




Don't change!!!


Don't change it. My birthday's in Feb and if we do I'll be fishing on my birthday and I don't like fishing!


I think we should only have a mouth of school


I agree that we should change the school holidays, so that we get to have the holidays over February and that we should have the last term over the Christmas break, we have now. We should have a National holiday from the 23rd of December, to 27th of December and a National holiday on the 31st of December and the 1st of January and then have the start of the holidays on the 1st of February.

Having the main holidays over the month of February would help because having to come back to school and then having the weather heat up makes it harder for the teachers and the students to settle into their proper routine because most schools don’t have proper air conditioning so it's hot and stuffy throughout the day.


Change it please!!!We need more sun!


change it plz


I don't want it to be changed ☹


change it plz


Lets make the holidays short in December and start them again on Waitangi Day.


cool Idea Nice weather on the beach in the sun would rock




i think that ( schools are going to be hot but really is changing things around going to hep? i mean like c'mon its a big mix up and nobody needs it ) 😀


Guys, this idea is good because we can actually enjoy holidays while having consistent weather! We need more "yes" votes!


I definitely think they should change it.

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