Kentucky Fried Corsage?

April 22, 2014

Nothing says romance like a…piece of fried chicken?

Young women in Louisville, Kentucky, are wearing a very strange corsage arrangement to prom this year, made of Kentucky Fried Chicken!

KFC has partnered up with a Louisville florist called Nanz and Kraft.

The partnership has been arranged to give high school seniors a piece of fried chicken on a bed of flowers as a corsage.

100 chicken corsage kits were made available for $20 each, each kit containing a $5 gift card.

KFC are currently considering making more kits available due to high demand.

Check out the promotional video below!

Article written by  D Mulhern

Chief Editor

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My name is Shem Banbury. I am the owner and Chief Editor of Kiwi Kids News. By day I am a school teacher and by night a wannabe triathlete.

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So cool! I want one now


Yolk love the end of the video tots want some and want one lol haha look at his face he's just like what you doing girl hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
My dad would love that he could eat millions


I started laughing as soon as the video ended.
no joke!


super wierd


Okaaaayyyyyy.... Not sure I would like to receive that....


imagine that slow dancing with a piece of KFC on your wrist




Very strange way to use fried chicken


that is sort of weird

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