Hubble telescope finds new moon

May 2, 2016

The Hubble space telescope has found a tiny moon circling the dwarf planet Makemake.

Makemake is only 1300km wide, much smaller than planet Earth, and its newly discovered moon is just 160km across.

The team who found the moon says it was hard to spot because of how bright Makemake is.

The mini planet is part of the Kuiper belt, an area beyond Neptune that also includes Pluto.

Makemake was previously thought not to have a moon, unlike the other dwarf planets near it. Now it’s no longer the odd one out.

For the time being, Nasa has called the new moon MK2. Hopefully it will be given a more memorable name in the future.

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I think they should call the moon mini moon. Because it sounds really cute.


They should call it WWE


that is interesting


i think the name should be named... the light moon


and for the moon john cena


they should call it the finder of mini moons 200000000


they should it the finder


I think they should call it capak


I think they should call it hubble moon.


MK2 is the name of a classroom at my school!


Wow! That so cool.


Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think MK2 is a fine name but i think it should be called the new moon just for a while so we actually know it is a new planet found!

I think their could still be a better name than MK2.

In my opinion they should call it mini moon. It sounds cute though!

doesn't it?


They should call it Roman Reigns.


mini make is better


I never knew that!


It should be called MoonMoon


That is so cool! I wonder if they will give it a better name, and also a better name because i don't think MK2 is a very good name for a little moon. That is amazing that they found a new moon though!


Thats a stupid name!

they should name it mini-make!

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