Goldfish gets floating wheelchair

March 19, 2017

A goldfish has been a one-of-a-kind floating wheelchair.

Why? ….. Because he has an incurable disease which meant that it was stuck at the bottom of it’s tank.

Water treatments and adjustments to the fish’s diet were unsuccessful in treating the disease, so an aquarium worker engineered the “wheelchair”.

It’s made of airline tubing that is placed around the goldfish. Some weights were added to bottom of it, so it then acts like a chair to prop him up.

This “wheelchair” now makes it easy for him to swim around.

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good for you little fish


That is so sad but I have known other fish and they died and they had even sadder deaf.😪😥😢😧


awesome, amazing, incredible.


I have a message for the fish: I hope you are alright now!


Oh my gosh. That is just amazing. I never knew fish could actually have that kind of treatment!


Nice wheel chair little fishy!


I am so happy for you, fishy!


Is it really nessesary? What makes the little goldfish so special? No offence but many other animals don't get anything like that and they are peoples pets.


That is so amazing I love that the engineer was kind enough to make that for the fish.


I hope you can swim well now with the wheelchair.


that makes me so happy (mainly because i'm an animal lover)


Yay! hope that little fish is swimming around happily

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