Should We Eat Less Sugar?

June 3, 2016

In my research I found that a woman should have no more than 6 tsp per day, A man should have no more than 9 tsp per day and children aged 4-8 should be only having 3-5 tsp.

Did you know that there are 60 DIFFERENT types of sugar?
These can sometimes be written on a label and you won’t see them so you need to know what to look for e.g. fructose, glucose. Do you know that some people make a thing called rock candy and it has 3-6 teaspoons of sugar in it.

Do you know that there is such thing as natural sugar and it appears to come in healthy food around the world?
Did you know that there is more sugar in the cereal Just Right than in Coco Pops?
Are you eating too much sugar?
There is 5 tsp of natural sugar in a packet of grapes you buy in the supermarket.

Apparently in one small Moro bar there is 2 tsp and in a 12 packet Moro bars there is 24 tsp of sugar, WOW THAT IS A LOT!

If you look at this photo and this says that there is no added sugar and then if you look at the next photo do you think that, that was true? It has natural sugar so make sure you read the label. It surprised me.

By Summer Hampton

Chief Editor

About Chief Editor

My name is Shem Banbury. I am the owner and Chief Editor of Kiwi Kids News. By day I am a school teacher and by night a wannabe triathlete.

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But i like suger


But I love Sugar!


the just right cereal has more sugar cause it has fruit in it unlike coco pops so u can't really compare those 2


suger is yummy 🙂


sugar is good for you I eat a lot of it


Wow, my darling Summer what a great article and do relevant to our every day living.

Your article will be great to show your brothers too.

I hope that you learnt a lot and you had fun doing it.

Love you lots darling - Mumma Bear xox😘

Jessica Stanton

Hi Summer, congratulations on getting it published to Kiwi kids News.

From Jessica


Hey she's in my class:)


Well done Summer, I saw you trying really hard on that. You used the cog of effective thinkers by thinking about what you were writing

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