Porta-Potty Pandemonium

March 2, 2016
Porta-Potty Pandemonium

A road accident involving porta-potties in Arizona left a behind a bad smell on a busy highway.

A sewage truck carrying porta-potties rolled on the highway after swerving to avoid a barrel that fell off another truck.

The porta-potties were empty but human waste still spilled onto the road from the truck’s septic tank where the waste from the porta-potties had been emptied for travel.

The sweage truck crew faced the job of cleaning most of the mess and the incident was forwarded to the fire department to determine if further sanitation would be needed.

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eww thats so yuck


i certainly would not want to drive through that


I feel sorry for the ppl who had to clean that mess up and part of it is our fault


That is so gross😶Imagining is even worse🙀


ewwww. what if you drove through that? ugh.


gross i would not want to clean that up

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