Living Like Lolita

February 16, 2016

To protest orcas living in captivity, a Wellington woman plans to live in a bathtub for a month in Miami.

29 year old Danielle Daals will travel to Florida in mid-February to live in a bathtub outside of Miami Seaquarium to raise awareness for a killer whale known as Lolita.

Lolita was first taken to live at the seaquarium 45 years ago  and the whale hit international headlines as animal welfare groups protested her cramped living conditions.

As part of her mission, Danielle will sit in a dry bathtub surrounded by a clear perspex box for 30 days (but will sleep elsewhere at night) with the daily temperature expected to be around 24 degrees celsius.



The ultimate goal is to see Lolita reunited with her pod.


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thats awesome woman good job those are the people we need. COME ON WORLD LOOK AT THIS ARTICLE AND BE INSPIRED! YEAH!


Wow that is an awesome effort and great outcome good job 😃


She seems awesome. GOOD LUCK ORCA


What an amazing woman

you go girl


I hope she will get back to her pod.


i fell sad that she was taken away from her pod


Good for her, my mum and I have been reading a lot of dolphins in captivity. BTW orcas are dolphins.


hope she gets back in her pod


so cute but she should'net do that fell sad


This is a great task but all for a good cause! I love it!

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